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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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on real quick because i wasn't sure what was going on. actually my door got busted open by the construction workers that are actually working on the school right here. they dragged me outside. >> reporter: he was able to escape with only clothes he was wearing and didn't have time to put on shoes. fire crews had a tough time fighting the flames. the buildings burned for hours. >> these dwellings are attached so that's why it spread so quickly. we did have windy conditions. wood frame buildings always add to the challenge for us. >> reporter: at one point, fire crews managed to get inside the burning building but it quickly became too dangerous. >> we always usually start off if it warrants on an offensive mode. we go into the interior which we did this afternoon. midway through it became too dangerous. so we pulled crews out of the main fire building and the exposure building and have switched our tactics and strategy to a defensive mode so you'll see copious amounts of water being poured from the exterior. the fire has been burning for over an hour and a half.
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it's an old wood frame building so it was subject to collapse. that was one of the main concerns. that's why by pulled firefighters out. >> reporter: fire crews had to watch the buildings burn themselves out. there were three minor injuries. a tenant suffered smoke inhalation and a firefighter was treated for burns on his neck. another tenant was treated and released. the apartment building owner estimates 35 people live in his 25 units. >> from what i have been told, by the police and fire people, it's a total loss which means the tenants won't be able to reenter the buildings. it's the holidays and it's a miserable time. >> reporter: fire crews will remain on the scene all night. fire hoses will be laid out to douse out any flare-ups. dozens are homeless. for more on that mike sugerman is here. >> reporter: imagine the only things you own now what are you could grab before you ran for
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your life. most of them didn't grab much. >> reporter: emily grabbed her dog and ran. she grabbed nothing else. they were running for their lives. >> there was someone outside that was buzzing everybody's doors to warn them. and then the fire alarm went off after that. [ crying ] >> reporter: she works from home for oracle but she can't even call to tell them. she left her cell phone. she doesn't know anyone's number. everything is on auto dial. >> reporter: if i had known it was that big i probably would have grabbed the cell phone so that at least i can call my mom. >> reporter: you've lost everything up there. >> uhm, well, i guess we'll find out. >> reporter: a person buzzing? the apartment manager. michael. >> one person was asleep that they had to rescue from 204 i think. but everyone got out. >> reporter: he is a modest hero. everyone got out alive. 36 units in that big building. all but one studios. up to 20 people were home at the
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time. many at work. and they may just be arriving home to find out they have no home for the holiday. >> my unit's right there. you can see it's on the second floor in the corner, the two bay windows. fabulous view. >> reporter: that view could be all that's left. richard too left everything inside as he escaped grabbing his cat and nothing more. >> a lot of money on christmas gifts for my entire family up in sacramento and placerville. and then of course i knew i was getting my new imac. i'm hoping that it didn't get burned. >> reporter: the good news is that no one was seriously hurt in this fire. but for a lot of people, it will be a christmas to remember. >> yeah. a lot of stuff in there. >> reporter: -- to remember for all the wrong reasons. [ pause ]
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>> that was mike sugerman reporting and linda yee had some audio issues there at the very end. thank you. a fast-moving grassfire came dangerously close to homes in vallejo but it is under control. it started about 2 p.m. this afternoon north of highway 37. that fire burned nearly 30 acres. that cloud of black smoke seen for many parts of the bay area today. crews were able to keep the flames away from homes on nearby sonora pass road. >> it reached a fence in the back. it's difficult to access the fireline in an area that's surrounded by water. difficult to place fire engines in that area. >> no buildings were burned. but no word yet on what started that fire. scary moments this afternoon for dozens of passengers on a bus that crashed through a fence.
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take a look at this. after running off the road, the public transit bus wound the in a field. the bus was just about to drop off passengers at the pittsburg- bay point bart station. six people were taken to hospitals to be checked out. officials are looking into the possibility that the brakes may have failed. and a car fire is snarling the evening commute. chopper 5 was overhead and caught the flames shooting from the vehicle westbound 580 just after the maze. no word yet on any injuries. the wreck has been cleared but traffic is still backed up. law enforcement agencies are known for confiscating drug money but how about spending it? they are using their own drug money to fight crime. christin ayers is live in oakland with this early christmas gift. christin. >> reporter: it's a windfall for five law enforcement agencies. they confiscated a drug dealer's fortune and it will be used to help buy some officers new weapons.
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reporter: an early christmas gift for a handful of bay area law enforcement agencies, checks from the federal government ranging from $95,000 to just under half a million dollars. >> it is really a true holiday gift. >> reporter: so where is it coming from this these tough economic times? check out the memo line. his name is shon squier, not a wealthy philanthropist but a convicted drug dealer. the man behind this multi- million dollar medical marijuana clinic in hayward busted during a federal raid back in 2006 >> squier was operating a sophisticated indoor grow. >> reporter: 750 plants and 200 pounds of processed marijuana well beyond what the city of hayward had approved. >> this is one of the best parts of our job when we can share the ill-gotten gains that are taken away from criminals with our law n forcement partners. >> reporter: once he took a plea deal last year, law enforcement split his assets all $1.8 million. with hayward police and south alameda's drug task force getting the biggest piece of the pie. >> serendipity, isn't it? >> reporter: the police chief says the druglord's dough will
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fund new tasers for all 190 of her hayward officers and outfit some with high-tech body cameras. >> an absolute blessing. fantastic. i could not be any more honored. >> reporter: one man's drug money now funding crime- fighting. >> reporter: along with funding weapons, some departments said they would be spending their money on training and overtime for their officers. one note here about that convicted drug dealer. squier is behind bars now serving a 2.5-year sentence. >> i'm sure it's an example many will follow, many law enforcement agencies, christin. thanks. a 23-year-old man is in critical condition this evening after being shot several times in west oakland. it happened about 10:30 this morning near 46th and west streets close to children's hospital. investigators say that the victim was driving when he was shot. he lost control of the car, hit some parked cars, then his car caught fire. he was alone in the vehicle at the time. the man's in the hospital tonight with major injuries. police say the shooting happened during a busy time of the day in a busy area.
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>> we have a lot of homes to the middle of the day. we have a lot of foot traffic. this is the holiday season. children are out of school right now. so it's a very dangerous situation. >> investigators have not released the name of the victim. so far there are no suspects. it's not clear whether the sheeter was on foot or in a vehicle. from six lanes of traffic to just four. the benefits supporters say will come from restricting 10 miles of a busy bay area road. and just a couple of days before christmas, we found shoppers somewhere we really didn't expect. what the holiday season means for pawn shops these days. meanwhile, millions in brand name clothes will never hit store shelves. why the feds have shut down a significant shipping line. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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but here's the catch: it would there is a grand plan to transform one of the bay area's busiest roads. but there's a catch. isn't there always? it would mean giving up a couple of lanes on the always crowded el camino real. mark sayre explains how losing lanes would supposedly ease the congestion. what's the theory, mark? >> reporter: el camino real is what planners consider one of the backbones of transportation here in silicon valley. and some big changes could be under way in the next few years. this person rides the bus alon el camino real about 45 minutes each way to get to class. so she says, any way to speed up the trip is good news. >> that's going to save time. usually, it will give me a chance to reach my class earlier and maybe make more productive use of time. >> reporter: valley transportation authority planners have an ambitious
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project in the works to improve bus, bike and pedestrian access over a 17-mile stretch of el camino from san jose all the way to palo alto. it's part of what's being called the grand boulevard initiative. >> the idea out there has been that this street will change over time and not what it is today which is more of a 1950s era car but a grand boulevard with shopping, residents, and walk ability. >> reporter: as the product is envisioned, it would cut the number of travel lanes on el camino real to two directions along a 10-mile stretch in the corridor. this animation shows the lanes closest to the median would be dedicated exclusively for buses and a bike lane would also be added in each direction. planners say it could cut current bus travel times in half and encourage more people to ride the bus. >> one of the things we're trying to do is make transit, walking and biking more attractive to people. as we develop and grow as a
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county. >> see it's very congested and busy. >> reporter: but sunnyvale residence barbara hempstead for one isn't convinced. while she supports public transit, she fears the proposed changes could make things worse. >> i don't think it's a good idea. i see those buses going up and down practically empty all the time so i doubt if that's going to create any more customers riding on there. >> reporter: now, planners say the upper end on the cost of this project is about $250 million. near santa clara county, they have a lot of that money ready to go with the existing transportation bond money. they are hoping that the federal government will kick in about $75 million. the vta will go to the six cities involved early next year to try to get this approved segment by segment. if all goes well they hope to begin construction in 2015 a few years from now. >> what i was thinking, mark, sufficient to have a safe way for people to get out to those buses and back again because the buses aren't running along
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the sidewalks anymore. >> reporter: that's an excellent question and one frankly that we did not investigate. i presume there will be crosswalks. i'm sure it's in the big plan. >> could be dangerous for pedestrians. thank you. thousands of nurses went on strike today as part of a statewide walkout as union negotiations with sutter health fell apart. the union says the hospital has proposed 150 so-called takeaways. one of those takeawayses, eliminating up to 12 days of sick pay. but hospital administrators argue nurses, instead, are being offered 40 days of paid time off. >> in that time off they can use sick time, holiday time. >> this is the second strike since the nurses' contract expired six months ago. all right. let's check in with roberta. we are getting -- we are into winter now but close to the holiday. >> boy are we in the throes of winter because tonight we'll have some of the coldest
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temperatures so far this year. the winds are dying down under 10 miles per hour in all reporting stations. in fact, san jose is calm. therefore, the temperature last hour that was at 60 degrees has now tumble well into the 50s. we do have seamless skies with no clouds. this is one of the reasons why we have a freeze warning going into effect. crystal clear skies, dry air mass in place. north and east bay as well as the santa clara valley, you're going to be some of the coalest locations. check this out. santa rosa dipping down it 22 degrees tonight overnight. 25 throughout the tri-valley. so most of the east bay inland will be under freezing overnight. 30 in san jose, 30s and 40s across the central valley. friday, partly cloudy skies
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through eureka, ukiah and sacramento. no rain in sight for your traveling plans. tomorrow with the sunshine, slightly cooler temperatures, numbers banking between 57 degrees in pacifica and in san francisco to 62 degrees in mountain view. these temperatures are more conducive of what we should be experiencing this time of year. in fact, today we averaged anywhere between three and 11 degrees above normal. i'll step out of the way so you can see the five-day forecast. sunny skies christmas eve. would not be surprised to see a "spare the air" day on christmas eve. christmas sunny. next threat of rain returns to the north bay on tuesday night. showers are possible everywhere on wednesday through thursday. so your christmas holiday forecast, mostly clear skies with temperatures in the mid- 50s and in the low 60s. again, the winds are dying down and allen and elizabeth, got to tell you tonight, one of the coldest nights so far this year. >> not a "spare the air" night, though? >> no, so you can throw the log on the fireplace.
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did she say that? >> she did. >> extra warm blanket on the bed. you have probably been shopping online or in the stores but somewhere you might not have gone holiday shopping. you been to the pawn shop? we checked in with new kids on the retail block. that's in two minutes.
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boost from the "pawn stars" realit reason, shoppers it could have something to do with the economy. could be a boost from the pawn stars reality show, love that one. whatever the reason is, shoppers are stepping into pawn shops this holiday season. on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us business is booming. julie. >> reporter: yeah, you may have an image of a pawn shop as a dark and dreary place. but now some are get a makeover and hoping to sell customers on the idea that they're a good
6:20 pm
place for holiday shopping bargains. ♪ [ music ] reporter: guitar aficianado ray doesn't just go to pawn shops to play though no one would mind. he also comes to christmas shop. >> i'm looking. i'm looking. maybe a necklace. >> reporter: and so are a lot of other holiday shoppers who don't mind buying gifts that are on sale because their previous owners fell on hard times. >> this is a ladies diamond wedding set. >> reporter: they are picking up presents like jewelry, power tools, musical instruments and, of course, electronics. >> everything is up. everything is up. >> reporter: don belleville of best collateral says business is up 25% over last year compared to other brick and mortar stores where holiday business is only increasing 2%. one reason? the growing trend that has pawn shops looking less like -- well, pawn shops. >> we have invested heavily into the cabinetry, to the lighting to the paint colors, and everything that we do to create an environment to where people who aren't here to get a loan can actually have a retail experience that would be typical of some of the higher end jewelry stores.
6:21 pm
>> reporter: but unlike those jewelry stores -- >> everything is negotiable. >> reporter: --belleville says you can pick this up tiffany watch for $1,000. or a refurbished netbook for just $200. most pieces in a pawn shop were given as collateral on a loan which wasn't paid back. other items may have been sold to the store outright for quick cash. but owners say most customers these days don't seem to mind. >> they really brag about it. they will say look at the deal that i got. >> reporter: but keep in mind, return policies vair widely from -- vary widely from shop to shop. and forget about frills like gift wrap. on the other hand, you might just get a serenade. ♪ [ music ] >> while that pawn shop does allow returns, most sell items as is, final sale. pawn shops may be one answer to your holiday shopping needs but we know many folks are struggling with last-minute holiday shopping questions and consumerwatch is here to help. email any last-minute holiday
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shopping questions to and tune in tomorrow night. we'll answer those questions live at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. >> is this more than just a trend with the popularity of the reality show and then more and more people doing their christmas shoppping, is this something that is going to become more mainstream. >> reporter: probably a combination of the two. these tough economic times, there's more inventory because more people are selling their items but it's a cheap way to get stuff. >> you can find some real treasure this is there if you know what you're looking for. >> reporter: unfortunately you need to be okay with they were somebody else's treasures. >> we'll look for you tomorrow. >> answer woman. >> okay. thank you. walmart has pulled a
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popular baby formula from its shelves , enfamil newborn powder in 12.5 ounce cans with the lot number of zp1j7g. the company says the formula tested negative for the bacterium before it was shipped. but it is being retested. one baby died after drinking the formula a crackdown on counterfeit goods in time for the holidays. federal authorities have seized more than $4 million worth of the stuff in southern california. the bus was part of a six-week sting that they called holiday hoax. the imitation merchandise said to have arrived in the shipping containers originating from southern china. >> our goal is to push the investigation back overseas where we can identify the source. those responsible for the manufacturing and distribution. what we're talking about is global organized crime generating tens of billions of dollars. >> what's popular? customs officers say the most
6:24 pm
commonly imitated merchandise includes true religion jeans, north face jackets and nike shoes. a change in climate is threatening part of a holiday tradition. mistletoe is largely grown in parts of texas. it's in short supply due to the drought in the southwest. a scarcity of the kissing plant has also led people to buy artificial mistletoe sprigs instead. no word if that has the same effect as the real stuff. >> apparently there is a severe shortage. don't have any around here, either. >> we'll get some for tomorrow. >> always tomorrow. the last "occupy" encampment is coming down. but not without a fight. two sweeps in less than 24 hours. what is still standing at "occupy berkeley." >> congress is doing its job. your paycheck is not about to shrink. why the gop changed its tune at the very last minute. a series of attacks days after american combat soldiers rolled out. the suspects in a wave of bombings.
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alive, despite two seperate sweeps today. they have gone from 100 tense to a handful. the berkeley "occupy" movement is fighting to stay alive
6:28 pm
despite two separate sweeps today. it is the last remaining "occupy" camp in the bay area. some of the protestors aren't ready to give up. joe vazquez reports. >> reporter: there are six or 7/10ths left in the park and you see them holding a general assembly what to do next. police said they had no choice. there's been escalating criminal activity from an attempted rape to a stabbing so they had to ask people to leave and most of them have. reporter: "occupy berkeley" is now largely unoccupied. dozens of police officers moved in at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon along with city public works crews. >> nobody on the truck. >> reporter: they quickly took down abandoned tents and picked up mounds and mounds of trash. the encampment in civic center park had more than 100 tents at its peak a couple of weeks ago. this morning there are about two dozen people left. daphne river who called herself dumpster muffin when she participated in a tree-sitting demonstration a few years ago says police and city crews didn't make it clear what they were doing today. >> they just asked me if this
6:29 pm
tent was mine and started picking up people's belongings and throwing our things away. [ yelling ] >> reporter: the camp's dismantling took place about 12 hours after an overnight confrontation. >> when the group came in some of the participants of the protests voluntarily packed and started to leave. >> did they perhaps think they were being raided? >> it's possible that they thought that there was going to be some greater enforcement effort. but that was never this collaborative group's attention. >> reporter: the camp's dismantling took place about 12 hours after an overnight confrontation. >> you're breaking the law! >> reporter: last night the city crews took some abandoned tents away and then masked campers jumped on the truck and tried to reclaim them. >> get back! >> reporter: some officers raced back to the truck and shoved demonstrators away with their batons. >> leave that alone! leave that alone! >> reporter: will this mean the end of of the last large standing occupation in the bay area? the occupier known as cincinnati says don't count on it. >> i'm not the whole group but
6:30 pm
me personally i ain't going nowhere. >> reporter: police told cincinnati and dumpster muffin and the rest here this afternoon that in fact, they will be enforcing the no lodging law overnight. so once again at 10:00, police say they will be back out here and remember they gave that deadline last night and didn't enforce it. this claim. they're not going to enforce the job. they are just going to remind them. 160 million americans will avoid a payroll tax increase as congressional leaders agreed today on a two-month extension. house republicans have given up their opposition and appear ready to sign off on the short term deal. danielle nottingham explains why lawmakers had a change of heart. reporter: house speaker john boehner is ready to deal. >> i think our members waged a
6:31 pm
good fight. we were able to come to an agreement. we were able to fix what came out of the senate. >> reporter: house republicans have signed off on the senate plan to extend a popular tax cut through february with some minor changes. the decision came after the top senate republican, mitch mcconnell, called on the house to pass the temporary extension. so did president obama. >> it's the right thing to do for the economy and it's most importantly the right thing to do for american families all across the country. >> reporter: house members are now expected to vote on the plan that extends the payroll tax cut and some unemployment benefits for two months. that buys lawmakers some extra time to negotiate a plan to extend them for all of 2012. until now, house republicans refused to consider the senate bipartisan compromise because it did not extend benefits for a full year. earlier this week, they voted to reject it and called on senators to come back to
6:32 pm
washington to renegotiate the deal. now those negotiations are expected to happen in the new year and 160 million americans should avoid facing a tax hike come january 1. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. a wave of bombings ripped across baghdad today killing dozens and leaving many injured. this just days after the last u.s. forces left iraq. terrell brown reports. >> reporter: burned-out cars and debris are scattered across at least 16 different bomb sites in baghdad. a string of explosions hit everything from markets to police stations killing dozens. militants struck with car bombs, roadside bomb blasts and suicide bombings. it comes after the last u.s. forces left. the white house says attempts to derail progress will fail.
6:33 pm
senator mccain believes pulling the troupes out was a mistake. >> things are unraveling tragically. we needed a support group there. >> reporter: there's no claim of responsibility but al qaeda sunni insurgents are expected because most of the carnage was in shiite neighborhoods. earlier this week the iraq's shiite prime minister order the the arrest of the nation's sunni vice president accusing him of running death squads. many people thought sectarian violence would increase after americans left. terrell brown, cbs news. the u.s. army private accused of creating the biggest national security leak in history is now at the mercy of the court. final arguments were made today whether 24-year-old bradley manning should stand trial. he was in court at fort meade in maryland. prosecutors say that manning gave more than 700,000
6:34 pm
documents containing national secrets to wikileaks. a military judge is going to decide whether manning will face a court-martial. if convicted, he could face life in prison. animal cruelty uncovered. morning a dozen found starving. what's next for them and for the people responsible? >> and it's the toss seen round the internet. after four million views, how fedex is responding to that. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. horses -- mostly young were a troubling case of animal abuse in central california. 19 mal nourish horses mostly young were found on a ranch in clovis. one horse was so starved, he had to be put down. animal control officers have now seized the horses. >> we don't know whether these horses have been broke. we don't know whether they're halter broke. we don't know if any of them have ever been trailered. >> the spca is taking the horses
6:37 pm
to private stables to be cared for. their owner was arrested on felony animal abuse charges. an early christmas gift for that little dog that was thrown out of a moving car down in monterey county. little frosty has a new home. the spca says frosty was out roaming the streets for a week before he was found. while people as far away as chicago wanted to adopt him, the spca gave him to a woman in san jose who called every day that he was missing just to check on his status, how he was doing. since they celebrated his new home by opening a bottle of asti spumante they named him asti. santa ana winds kicking up again and a few big rigs and trees. a look at the damage this time around. and we have been looking for snow in the high stair. good evening, from the cbs 5
6:38 pm
weather center. here is your lake tahoe forecast. for your getaway friday, a few clouds. otherwise no snow through sunday. heavenly is making snow, lows overnight in northstar in the teens. squaw valley, all runs are open in top to bottom. the pinpoint forecast is still straight ahead. we have an update on steph curry's ankle injury. will he play in the christmas opener? and monta ellis avoided the media today. we'll tell you why coming up in sports.
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over a custo by now, you have probably seen the video of fedex deliveryman tossing a brand-new computer monitor over a customer's fence. now fedex issued a public apology. >> em upset and embarrassed for our customers who experienced this. i can assure you we are working within our disciplinary policy and the employee is not working with customers. >> in case you haven't seen it, here it is. the deliveryman chucks the fedex box and walks away. the computer monitor inside was
6:42 pm
completely destroyed. the company has since resolved the situation with the customer. blustery winter winds causing problems of a different sort for people living in southern california. powerful wind gusts. the santa anas toppled in tree on the porch of a townhome in, of all places, santa ana. the pine was ripped up as you see the root ball and all, causing the sidewalk to break up in the process. fortunately nobody hurt but neighbors discovered an unusual sight. >> i thought it was just people patio stuff blowing around but then my wife says it sound like a tree fell and i looked out the door and said it did fall. what do you mean? so we came running out and saw all this. it was crazy. >> firefighters had to cut up the tree. it was blocking one woman's front door actually. she says she plans to make wreaths out of the pine branches for the fire crew who came an rescued her. those same winds being blamed for toppling this big rig in fontana near san bernardino. highway patrol says it's one of at least three semis that blew
6:43 pm
over in these winds, which have been reported more than 60 miles per hour in places. >> a note that the same winds that were blowing in stinson beach overnight up to 70 miles per hour at sea level. then in our higher elevation around mount diablo, nearly 4,000 feet in elevation, also a 70-mile-per-hour wind gust. they call them santa ana winds in the southland. we call them diablo winds. they are dying down for the most part. still 10-mile-per-hour wind in half moon bay. but as these winds settle, the temperature is going to drop off rapidly. right now 46 degrees in santa rosa after a high today of 67 degrees with that offshore flow. dry cool air mass in place. therefore, the national weather service has issued a freeze warning for the north bay, east bay and santa clara valley all the red highlighted areas. temperatures tumbling to the 20s and 30s. take a look at santa rosa at 22
6:44 pm
degrees forecast overnight low. most of the east bay inland will be under that freezing mark. 30 in san jose through the almaden valley. it will be freezing in redwood city. so your weather headline suggests that wicked cold overnight so a very frosty friday morning commute. and the extended forecast still has no rain in sight through christmas day. this is how we're stacking up as far as your precipitation of normal stats are concerned. we are 44% of where we should be for this time of the year in the city by the bay, where last area we were at 122% of normal. check out santa rosa at 38% of normal but look at this right here. area of low pressure is now winding up out over the eastern pacific. this looks like it's gathering some strength and could be bringing us some rain showers by tuesday night. until this high pressure firmly in place allowing us to drop to near record overnight lows. friday holiday traveling plans, dry conditions throughout the
6:45 pm
central valley should be fog- free. 59 degrees in redding. meanwhile tomorrow's daytime highs not as mild as today. 50s and low 60s, pretty much where we should be for this time of the year. a good look at your extended forecast, nothing but sunshine each day through christmas. that chance of rain in the north bay by tuesday night into wednesday across the entire area. in fact, we'll even tag in a couple of raindrops on thursday. your christmas forecast sunny and bright. cbs 5 proud sponsor of "food for bay area families," tonight we welcome michael latham and his employees from black rock who are here to help us continue to keep the christmas spirit going. >> hi. >> who do you have with you today? >> we have kara and regina. >> not only has black rock had a history of donating money -- i don't want you to see how much yet -- to "food for bay area families" but your employees dig in roll up their sleeves and donate hours as well to help. >> we at black rock operate in cities all over the world so we
6:46 pm
think it's really important that we get involved in the communities we work in so the san francisco marin food bank has been one of our great partners over the last 10 years. we have been able to donate money as well as work with the employees to volunteer and spend time there so it's been terrific. >> ladies, how much are you donating tonight? >> $25,000! >> i don't think i heard, what was in that? >> $25,000! what are you going to do with the money? >> as you know, it takes money to keep those tractor-trailers of fresh produce coming in and black rock is also helping us with volunteers to help get it out. >> i hope you took a little aside to take them out to dinner. they have done a great job. >> terrific be. >> >> good job black rock right here in san francisco. thank you for the giving spirit during this holiday season. if you want to help out at home there's still time. all you have to do is visit us online at gang?
6:47 pm
>> all right, roberta. >> what you do think, $25,000! >> amazing. >> fabulous. >> wonderful. we still have tomorrow, too. all right, prince william and kate are preparing to spend their first christmas together as husband and wife. >> but before they celebrate with the royals, the newlyweds are carrying on another holiday tradition. tina kraus reports from london. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge stopped by a homeless shelter in london. >> hello. >> reporter: they met with teenagers who for the first time in a long time will have a home for the holidays. prince william and his wife posed for pictures and talked with teens who are trying to make a new start. will and kate even took part in a cooking class. kate did most of the work cutting out cookies and preparing christmas treats. the center point homeless charity was a favorite of william's mother the late princess diana. prince william is now trying to help young people in britain get off the streets. researchers say the homeless are likely to die 30 years earlier than the average brit.
6:48 pm
>> have a merry christmas, ladies. >> reporter: 25-year-old matt has been homeless for years and says he has seen the danger firsthand. >> everything from fights to stabbings to drug use to abuse and murders. >> reporter: the future king spent a night on the streets before christmas two years ago to see what it was like for himself. this year, his new bride is also joining the cause. will and kate's next scheduled stop for the holidays is at the queens home in sandringham. queen elizabeth traveled among commuters to prepare for the annual gathering. it will reportedly be one of the biggest christmas celebrations in decades. tina kraus, cbs news. london. ,,,,,,,,,,
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these executives aren't exactly holiday shopping they are trading but not shopping. >> i'm thinking of off the field the rootbeer float day things that we're not going to have any more with one certain player. the ace are not giving their -- as aren't giving their fans much to sell bay area. one day after thinking they traded trevor cahill and dealt.
6:52 pm
>> he gio gonzalez. he won a career-high 16 games. the 26-year-old lefty is due to make $4 million next year and won't be a free agent until 2016. he was traded. in return the as get four of the national's top 10 prospects. pitcher brad peacock the closest to being ready for the bigs. he went 15-3 with a .239 e.r.a. last year in the minors. the nationals are also close to a one-year deal with former giants mark derosa. he couldn't stay healthy during his time in san francisco. and he was limited to just 73 games in two years. the hot stove is burning up tonight. carlos beltran has reportedly agreed to a two-year $26 million deal with the cardinals. beltran hit .323 with 7 homers after being traded to the giants but the team felt they couldn't afford to re-sign him. monta ellis didn't talk to the media today regarding his alleged sexual harassment of a former employee. he conveniently had to get
6:53 pm
treatment on a bruised right shoulder when reporters entered the locker room. stefan curry is off the crutches after suffering a sprained ankle on tuesday against sacramento. he is hopeful to start against the clippers on christmas with a season opener. >> today i was able to walk on it and i can move around so that's progress. like i said it's only thursday so we'll have three days left to see where i get to. i'm optimistic that four days of rehab will get back on the floor for sunday. women blew out cal state bakersfield. they have now won 69 straight at maples. they will begin pack 12 play next thursday. the 49ers hope they doesn't have to worry about the lights at candlestick. the team plays its final two games on the road and is currently in a position to
6:54 pm
everyone a first round bye. jim harbaugh told reporters today he doesn't remember getting toys as a kid just a lot of underwear. >> somebody had asked you about christmas presents that you received and you said you got a lot of underwear growing up and clothing and stuff. has that changed since you got older? and are you more the person who loves to give gifts? >> yes. i like to receive them, too. [ laughter ] >> but i like to give them. you know, my favorite thing is to see the expression on my kids' faces when they are opening up presents on christmas. the raiders are fighting foyer their play-off lives. they need to win the last two games and get help from the bong coast. first a road trip to kansas city where the raiders have won four straight at arrowhead stadium. >> it's been backwards. the visiting team has won. >> can we keep it that way? i'm all for that. you know, let's just keep going
6:55 pm
down that road. if we can do that again, that would be nice. >> is there any explanation -- how do you win in their place? >> again, as we normally do on the road, we haven't been very good the last few times we have been out so we need to get back to the focus that we normally have, prepare and get on the plane with the right mindset and go to a hostile environment and play good football. >> kickoff christmas eve with the raiders and chiefs saturday morning right here on cbs 5. >> wahoo! >> and stay tuned for our christmas eve edition of the fifth quarter after 2:00. nothing will ever top lebron james' decision where he told the world on an hour long special that he was taking his talents to south beach. but today's announcement by usc quarterback matt barkley was right up there. >> the 2012 team has some serious unfinished business to attend to. and i intend to play a part in it. >> whoo! [ school band playing ]
6:56 pm
[ applause and cheers ] >> the band was on the field! fans were on the field. >> like fleetwood mac! >> barkley returns to have the trojans as favorites to win the pac 12 and in the mix for a national title now that they are allowed to go to a bowl game in 2012 barkley will also likely be the front-runner for the heisman trophy coming off a year where he threw for more touchdowns and yards than andrew luck. and we finish off with an ugly scene during a soccer match in -- dutch soccer match. fan attacks the goalie. alvarado was given a red card and ejected. the rest of the team walk off the field and the game was cancelled. it was a little excessive, the kicking, the violence. >> kick the soccer ball. >> so barkley guaranteed if they were still banned from post-season he would go pro? >> absolutely. why not? i mean, he could start in the
6:57 pm
nfl right now. he is in that pro style offense. his stock could get higher next year. so good for them. >> lane kiffin has those boys playing, i'll tell you what. >> got the band playing. >> i have been in mourning all day today. you know why? i love me some gio gonzalez. he is my brother from another mother. i'm his sister from another mister and i just love his spirit and his pride for oakland and we're going to miss him a lot. >> absolutely. >> play ball. >> we'll miss him on the mound too. >> right. >> and just him going to the all-star game and how much he enjoyed it and all the video that we saw from that. he is just such a personable guy and family man. >> can we have a redo? >> line one. [ laughter ] >> go see the movie. >> sorry. >> "eye on the bay" is next. >> caption colorado, llc c & %f0 saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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